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Vindication and Seal of Wisdom procs
Hi I've been scouring the elitestjerks retribution theory craft archive and I've come across a series of post claiming that the ret paladin talent vindication procs judgement of wisdom on targets immune to vindication starting in 2.3.

[Image: qobZg] 
(Source): Post: #803 #804

I know you guys are all about having a blizz like experience and I'm hoping this will be implemented because the previous post of the forum where almost all consecutively about rets lack of sustainability and mana regen. And boom like a light from above this fell in their lap in 2.3 rather than gaining any valid accommodation for ret's regen from blizzard.

I will continue to scour the forum to see if I can gain additional information pertaining to what extent this was occurring in live during duration of the burning crusade. Whether it was a godsend to ret for the remainder of tbc or just a flash in the pan.

Found this through google search as well:
yea we know about it, in fact it was reported back in summer 2016. Thanks for your interest and effort tho.

As Evo said, we've known about this issue for a bit, and we will make sure to implement it.

If you find any other "hidden gems", feel free to post them, we'll greatly appreciate it.
Wow you guys are on top of it. I'll keep digging! Thanks.

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