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Dev Update #1

    We posted our last Netherwing update a little over two months ago. Since then, we've been working very closely with our great alpha testers and we didn't really have time, nor an appropriate place to post new updates. Now, with this forum being public (apart from the testers subforum), we can hopefully write those much more often, although obviously they'll be a bit smaller and might not always contain exciting things.

    We've spent the last two months working mainly on the core, we want to have everything set up for smooth content development, so for example, we don't have to stop in the middle of scripting Black Temple to completely rework some mechanics (it's bound to happen either way, but hopefully not as often). 

    Our main focus was put on Movement and Spell systems. When it comes to movement, we've basically rewritten and reworked almost every movement type and fixed a lot of issues that come with it. Players no longer teleport after fear, you can now charge, fear, distract players on zeppelins and ships without falling through the world, flying creatures now use smooth waypoints for their paths, and much more. Recently, we've spent a lot of time analysing and correcting pet movement, and while still there are a few adjustments to be made, we're pretty satisfied with how it works currently. 
    Aside from that, our previous move maps had a lot of issues and we've gone through at least ten or fifteen iterations, with different settings, tweaks and bug fixes, and the last one seems to be working just fine, mobs are now much smarter and shouldn't be stopped by a small curb or a small Elwynn fence anymore. We have also slightly improved collision detection and fixed an exploit which allowed you to blink through some objects (e.g. Karazhan gate) if you stood very close to them (in them, basically).
    When it comes to spells, we've spent most of the time creating and improving our buff/debuff system, which prevents certain auras (e.g. slows) to be applied if a more powerful aura is already present on the target. There are still some issues here and there, but they will be looked into a bit later. Apart from that, thanks to some great research done by our testers, and some client-digging I did, we were finally able to correct all spell and melee auto-attack range checks, and add proper leeway mechanics with actual retail values instead of guessed ones. Quick explanation for people unfamiliar with that mechanic - on retail, to compensate for latency, spells had slightly increased range against moving targets. This is now working correctly and will finally allow you to stab people even if they're trying to run away from you. Oh, and Taurens now have much larger hitbox than other races. Yay?
    We have also been actively fixing all class spell issues reported by testers, pretty basic stuff. You'll hopefully be able to see full list of changes a bit later on. Unfortunately, rogues got a bit more powerful.
    When it comes to quests, npcs and other misc stuff, we've been patching stuff up at a steady rate. Testers specifically dedicated to vanilla and outland zones have been doing an amazing job, going through old leveling videos and providing us with reports of all details and information which is very hard and sometimes impossible to find by just visiting popular WoW websites. You'll be surprised how many cool events and mini-events you missed by playing on private servers.
    We haven't been able to dedicate as much time to scripting dungeons as we would have liked to, but that will change once we're done with the most annoying core issues. I was able however, to finally correct my mob melee damage formula. It's a very universal one, as for example, Moroes, Nightbane, Magtheridon, Talon-King Ikiss (and every other boss) all use it and they all have correct melee damage values. While working on instances we can focus on other things, instead of worrying that "this mob deals 200 dmg too much, this boss doesn't hit nearly enough" and searching for data which might as well not exist. This will hopefully save us a year of watching 240p videos just to find these values. And yes, pre-nerf Magtheridon and Gruul hit VERY hard.
    As we previously stated, our main focus is TBC content. We obviously want to have all vanilla dungeons working as well, but we don't really want to delay the release because of that reason only. What we'll probably do is script most of the 5-man vanilla dungeons (WC, Deadmines, etc.) and leave the rest and the raids to be fixed post-launch. It would be a shame if nobody could be able to see our scripted Corrupted Ashbringer event, but delaying the release of a TBC server just for that probably isn't worth it. Obviously if people are fine with waiting a little bit longer it won't be a problem for us, so we'll see which option the community prefers.
    That's it for now, as I wrote earlier, we'll try to make these updates more frequently and with this forum becoming public, you now have a place to ask questions, discuss the server's future, make suggestions and take part in creating what we hope will be a fantastic community.

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